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T.I.S., Inc., d/b/a International Visa Service, Atlanta, Georgia acts on the behalf of the client, and takes no responsibility for the services rendered by the U.S. Passport Service, U.S. Postal Service acceptance agents program, Clerks of Court in any jurisdiction agents, Travel Agents, Consulates or Embassies of any country in connection with granting of passports or visas.

This responsibility applies to requirements and information obtained from any government agency. All information and prices are subject to change without notice. T.I.S., Inc d/b/a International Visa Service takes no responsibility for delays or loss of passports as may occur through the services above or any other official government agency not listed, the U.S. Mail or by guaranteed delivery services such as Express Airline Shipments (Delta Dash, TWA WorldPax or other similar services, UPS, Federal Express, DHL, Airborne and the U.S. Postal Express Mail).

Damage compensation for errors, omissions or any other reason is not available. T.I.S., Inc., d/b/a International Visa Service, Atlanta, Georgia does not take responsibility for information provided by the client in connection with applications for passports and visas. This disclaimer applies to all instructions and information on this website.

All forms contained within this website are free. Although many of them are copyrighted, they can be downloaded and used without charge. Official government forms are for the use of any person, free of charge. International Visa Service does not charge service fees on ANY free government service. Our service fees are in addition to the government fees, based on the time allotted to expedite your documentation needs. 

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