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The following forms are for customers who know exactly what they need. These forms are coded for doing business with International Visa Service. Use of these forms without reading the instructions of International Visa Service could cause delay or rejection of your application.  

All forms contained within this website are free.  Although many of them are copyrighted, they can be downloaded and used without charge. Official government forms are for the use of any person, free of charge.  International Visa Service does not charge service fees on ANY free government service. Our service fees are in addition to the government fees based on the time allotted to expedite your documentation needs. 

U.S. Government Forms

Please click on the form or forms below that you require and follow the instructions.

Note: if you do not have Adobe Reader on your computer to open and read PDF files, click here and follow the instructions.

  • DS-11 - (Online Form) - First time passport applicant both adult and child. 
  • DS-82 - (Online Form) - Adult over age of 16 with passport issued with in the last 15 years (and being 16 or over when the passport was issued). WARNING: When completing the DS-82, be sure to read the question concerning correct spelling of your name. Most applicants' names were spelled correctly on the old passport; therefore, applicant should answer the question "No."
  • DS-3053 - (.PDF) - Statement of Consent: Parent's permission for a child to obtain a passport. Required on all Children under the age of 16 years. (This form is used by parent who cannot be present when the child is applying for a passport).

Other Important Forms

1) Authentications and Apostille Worksheet

2)  Birth Certificate Request Form (certified) - (.PDF)

3)  Client's Letter of Authorization -  Please Note: Option 1 and 2 must be checked. Applicant must hand write all information on form including the company name: International Visa Service d/b/a A Quick Passport and Visa.

4) List of additional I.D. acceptable to the U.S. State Department - (.PDF)

5) Order Form - (.PDF)

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